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Prof Saim Yılmaz, MD
"In most cases with uterine fibroids, embolization is the ideal treatment"

Why is fibroid embolization advantageous?

Because it is a non-surgical treatment, the uterus and ovaries remain intact, multiple fibroids can be treated at once, the probability of recurrence is less...

What is the effect of fibroid embolization on pregnancy?

Thousands of women gave birth healthy after embolization. In recent studies, pregnancy rate has been reported to be over 50% after embolization.

Is embolization therapy effective in adenomyosis?

Complaints such as excessive bleeding and pain seen in adenomyosis disappear in more than 80% of patients after embolization and rarely recur.

Which patients are suitable for embolization?

Embolization is the ideal treatment for the vast majority of patients with fibroids. Only fibroids with a stalk growing out of the uterus may not be suitable...

Why is MRI necessary in all patients with fibroids?

Because, MRI is the method that best shows the number, size and location of fibroids. It can also reveal adenomyosis and some cancers, which can mimic fibroids.

Can giant fibroids be treated with embolization?

Although embolization is not recommended for fibroids larger than 10 cm, our team has treated fibroids up to 20 cm successfully with special techniques for years.

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