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Prof Saim Yılmaz, MD
"Excessive menstural bleeding and frequent urination are typical symptoms of fibroids"

What are the symptoms of fibroids? ​ ​


Most uterine fibroids (myomas) do not cause any complaints and do not require treatment. However, serious complaints occur in approximately 10-20% of all patients with fibroids. The most common complaint in fibroids is long and heavy menstrual bleeding. These bleedings can sometimes be very profuse and clotted. Anemia may develop in such patients as a result of chronic bleeding. Other common complaints in myoma patients are:


  • Abdominal pain and feeling of fullness

  • Back and leg pain

  • Pain with sexual intercourse

  • Frequent urination (as a result of fibroids pressing on the bladder)

  • Constipation and gas (as a result of fibroids pressing on the large intestine)


Complaints caused by fibroids are related to the location of the fibroids. In general, complaint of bleeding is more prominent in fibroids growing on the inner surface of the uterus (submucous) whereas complaints such as the effect of compression (frequent urination, constipation, gas, etc.) are more common in fibroids growing from the outer surface of the uterus (subserous). Intramural fibroids may cause both types of complaints.

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