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Prof Saim Yılmaz, MD
"Fibroid is a common but easily treatable condition"

What is myoma and what are its symptoms? ​ ​


Uterine fibroids (myomas) are benign tumors arising from the tissue of the uterus. They vary in size and number. They can be very small but sometimes have a size of over 20 cm. Fibroids are also sometimes called myomas, leiomyomas, leiomyomata, or fibromyomas. Fibroids are the most common tumors of the female genital organs; One in three women over the age of 35 has fibroids that can be detected by examination or ultrasound. However, if very small fibroids are included, some researchers believe that almost every woman develops fibroids until menopause. Most patients have more than one uterine fibroid, the number sometimes exceeding 50 or even uncountable. Estrogen, known as the female hormone, causes fibroids to grow. For this reason, fibroids usually enlarge 2-3 times in reproductive age and pregnancy, and in menopause, if the patient does not use hormone medication, they usually shrink or remain stable. ​ ​


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