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Prof Saim Yılmaz, MD
"Focal adenomiyosis may be mistaken for uterine fibroid on ultrasound"

What are the types of adenomyosis?


Adenomyosis occurs as a result of the spread of the tissue called "endometrium", which forms the inner surface of the uterus causing menstrual bleeding, into the muscle layer of the uterus. Adenomyosis may sometimes be present in only one or a few regions of the uterus and in this case it may be confused with other intrauterine masses such as fibroids (focal adenomyosis). Sometimes, adenomyosis tissue may spread throughout the uterus (diffuse adenomyosis). In this case, there may not be a noticeable mass in the uterus, but the uterus is larger than normal. However, adenomyosis and fibroids can often coexist. In this case, both the clinical picture and imaging findings can be confusing. Fortunately, embolization therapy is very effective in treating both diseases. Therefore, it is not of great importance to make this distinction in patients who will undergo embolization.

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